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About Dhoon Glen


Literally breathtaking, Dhoon Glen is one of the steepest and scenic Glens within the Isle of Man, it descends approx 180 meters over 1 kilometre through a valley that follows a wooded stream to the shoreline.

The main path follows an old cart road and meanders through a dense canopy of trees. Ash, Wych Elm and Alder dominate with significant numbers of Sycamore. Birch and Mountain Ash also present.

Inneen Vooar

The waterfall half way down the valley is ‘Inneen Vooar’ (Manx Gaelic) which translates to english as ‘Big Girl’.
Inneen Vooar is one of the highest waterfalls on the Island falling over 40 metres 11301t) in two drops,

Lead Mine and Wheel Casing

In the 1860’s mine workings to extract lead were established in the glen, though enormous effort and deep shafts, the mine was never profitable. The remains of the large wheel casing can be found on the path above Innen Vooar.

Glen History

The glen is typical of the type of tourist attraction the Isle of Man offered during the latter years of the nineteenth century,

During the 1800’s and 1890’s the ‘Manx Fairy’, a small passenger ship, used to run daily between Douglas and Ramsey calling at Dhoon Bay to unload passengers in small boats to spend the day on the beach or walking in the surrounding area before picking up on the return journey.

The latter part of the nineteenth century saw significant numbers of visitors to the glen, in one typical season 8,000 visitors arrived by sea with a further 42,000 by road. The establishment of a hotel on the site of the existing car park at the top of the glen and some restaurants, one next to Dhoon Farm and one on the beach itself, provided further attractions, The hotel was burnt down in a fire in 1932 with some rmains still visible behind the car park area today.

The arrival of the Isle of Man Electric Tramway in 1897 was another boost to visitor numbers and saw the introduction of an admission charge to the glen of 4d (approx £6.50 in today’s money) . As with many of the Island’s attractions the decline in visitor numbers post 1945 saw a gradual change in the character of the glen, It is now recognised for its natural rugged beauty and is popular with those energetic enough to tackle its 190 steps.

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